Yodel.org is a fundraising solution that helps non profits in creating meaningul fundraising experiences. We provide a platform that supports small to medium sized causes "level the playing field" competing with larger organizations for fundraising dollars.

Yodellers create a personal challenge and raise money for the community cause of their choice by asking supporters to pledge through the Yodel platform. Yodellers can share their challenges with their social networks and email lists to raise money and awareness for their organization of choice. 

Money donated to Yodel challenges goes directly to the community cause.

Yodel administration recoups 5% for administrative costs. 


Yodel is a project of Copper Hut Technologies, who are a group of intrepid changemakers committed to making the world and the web a better place.  Copper Hut Technologies, Inc is a for-profit company based in Rossland, BC Canada. 



Yodel connects with each Cause to verify that our associated causes are legit and operating in the communities they serve. 


Check out the How it Works page for a detailed description on how to create a personal or group challenge.



Challengers can be individuals, community groups, teams, corporate groups and families.  As well, challenges can be a personal goal challenge or a group goal challenge.  If you are interested in being a part of a group challenge you can decide to create their own personal profile page or you can create a group profile page.  At Yodel we leave the choice up to you:)

Looking for challenge ideas?  Check out http://yodel.org/51-yodel-challenge-ideas


At Yodel, we are concerned about the safety and privacy of all its Users, particularly children. For this reason, and to be consistent with PayPal’s User Agreement, to donate money to a challenge or cause (be a Supporter), you must meet or exceed the minimum age requirement to register for a PayPal account. You are not eligible to use the service without consent if you are under 18 years of age. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you can use the Service with the consent and supervision of your parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years old, provided that your parent or legal guardian also agrees to be bound by these Terms and agrees to be responsible for your use of the Service. 

Yodel.org gives you many tools to help spread the word and sing from your mountaintop.

Once you’ve set up your personal or group challenge and connected to a community cause, you can share your story with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can also send an email to your connections to rally support.

The key is to describe your challenge in a way that inspires other. Why are you inspired? What would support mean to you? Why is your challenge worth my grandmother parting with her hard-earned cash?

You’ll be able to see what other Yodellers are up to on the site. That’s when it starts to get really loud in here and become really awesome. 


Your information is used to facilitate your use of our site.  We will not sell your personal information to third parties.  See our Privacy Policy.

Sometimes we feature Yodel stories on the site.  We will contact you if we want to feature your cause or challenge. You’ll have plenty of time to get a haircut and shave your legs/back/chin. 


All donations to community causes are non-refundable.


Challenges are about personal development.  We hope that you can achieve your challenge. If you don’t, any dollars raised still go to your chosen Community Cause.


Yes, you can do up to two challenges at one time, with a maximum of four challenges in one year.  However we’d suggest that you concentrate on one challenge at a time, nail it, and then start a new one. We really want you to succeed. 


You can edit the details of your challenge until you receive your first pledge.  You can provide status updates throughout the course of your challenge.



This ensures that the people donating to your challenge know what/why they’re donating to. Don’t go changing.   To help set yourself up for success check out Tip for Challengers.



Yes.  However, you cannot delete a challenge that has already received donations. The donations will go to the associated Community Cause no matter what. 


This depends on the package that the cause running a campaign has signed up for. In our Fuji or Freemium package -Yes.  This package has no up front fees so is zero risk for the cause. When donations come in, the cause pays a 5% Yodel administration fee plus a PayPal fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.  There are no additional fees.  Contributors and/or Challengers pay no fee. For the Matterhorn or Everest packages, causes pay an upfront membership fee, receive a robust suite of features, and pay no adminsitrative fee on donations. The PayPal fee of 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction still applies.


Community cause receive funds directly from Paypal.


No, pledges can only be administered online.


Creating a  Community Cause site with Yodel is quick and easy.  Check out the How it Works page for instructions on how to create your Cause site in 3 easy steps.  

Once you have created a Cause site our Yodel team will contact you to verify the details you provided.  This generally takes up to 24 hours.


The cost to use Yodel varies by the membership package that a cause signs up for. The Fuji "Freemium" package causes pay no membership fee, but pay a 5% Yodel administration fee plus a PayPal fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.  This 7.9% plus $0.30 fee is deducted from each donation at the time of payment, and covers all aspects of the transaction, including the credit card merchant rate, credit card transaction charge, reconciliation, receipting and disbursement-related costs.  There are no monthly charges or set-up/registration costs.  It is free for Challengers and Contributors. Other packages, such as the Matterhorn and Everest, have an up front membership cost, provide a robust suite of tools for the cause, and do not have a per donation Yodel administration fee. The PayPal fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction still applies. For full pricing please see our pricing page.




Yes.  At Yodel we understand that many organizations are doing great work but have not received registered charity status.  Your organization must, however, be a legal, registered, entity such as a registered charity, school, not-for-profit, municipality, organized club and team. 


No.  Yodel does not provide our platform to fund individuals, only registered organizations.


Yes. The donor is given the option whether to include their name when they donate.  If they chose not to,  anonymity is guaranteed. This means that your Community Cause will not receive any personal information about the donor, but will have a record of a donation being made. We choose to respect donors' requests to remain anonymous and will not send you donor contact information when the donor has chosen to remain anonymous.


We do, but you should as well. When you receive the donor information, you can add your Yodel donors to your existing donor lists or database and recognize them the way you would every other donor.

No.  Yodel is not a registered charity.  Charitible Community Causes that are able to issue a tax receipt are able use Yodel's auto receipting tool to issue receipts.  


Donations are processed and charged to the donor’s credit card immediately after they click the submit button. The cause's percentage of the pledges go immediately to their Paypal account.


Yes.  All information, including personal and financial information are securely protected behind multiple security measures from the time to donor begins a donation through to leaving our site. For a detailed explanation of the security of our site, please read our security statement.


Protecting donor security and privacy online is our most important task. Donor information is collected for payment processing purposes. Donors have control over how much of their information will be shared with the community cause they pledge to – donor information is never shared with charities not donated to. Yodel does not share, trade, sell or otherwise use donor information in any manner that is not approved by the donor. Please read our full privacy policy for more detail.

Yes!  Causes are welcome to create a cause page at anytime to start collecting donations without challengers.  We encourage causes to invite their supporters to create challenges to enrich their campaign.  However, Yodel can be used like other fundraising sites to collect online donations.