Yodel is an easy-to-use fundraising platform that lets you meet two goals at once: pursuing a personal or group challenge while also raising donations for a cause. Yodel is free to join, fun to use, and allows you to strive towards a specific goal and enrich your community. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal?


Whether you are a community cause seeking donations or an individual or group ready to take on a challenge, you can get started in 3 easy steps.


Start a challenge

Step 1:  CHOOSE A CAUSE:  Choose the cause you would like to raise donations for from the list on the cause page or by using the yodel search engine. Once on the cause's page you selected click the 'Start A Challenge' button.

If your chosen cause isn't on Yodel, email us from here and we'll get the ball rolling on your behalf. (example cause page below)


Step 2:  CREATE A CHALLENGER PROFILE:  Once you have clicked the orange box that says 'Start a Challenge' on your chosen cause page, you can fill in the details of your challenge in our easy to use form.  Make sure the challenge is both doable and meaningful to you, and tell everyone why it matters.  For tips on how to create a successful challenge click here.  (example profile page below)


Step 3:  YODEL IT OUT!:  Send your challenge out to the world by email or through your social networks using the social media links on your challenge page.  Regularly update your challenge and fundraising status on your profile page to encourage supporters to donate and to inspire others to join your efforts.


Yodel does the rest. While you get busy with your challenge, the donations you receive are sent directly to your cause.  Your friends and family will be able to cheer you on and see how their financial support is making a difference.  Yodel gives you the potential to raise thousands of dollars for your community while you do something awesome.  How cool is that!