51 Yodel Challenge Ideas

Challenges can be doing one thing for a month, participating in a single day event,  or doing something different everyday for a week.  We know that people like to Yodel to the beat of their own drum so the choice of challenge and timeframe is up to you!  Challenge your friends, family, community and/or workplace to share in the fun.  Update your blog, post pictures, videos on your profile page and encourage your networks to do the same.


  • Create a drawing everyday
  • Try eating a vegetarian, raw food or vegan diet
  • Go on a date with your yourself, your family or partner doing something new everyday.
  • Read an hour everyday
  • Exercise an hour a day
  • 100 mile diet
  • Sign up for an event i.e. polar bear swim, adventure race, community challenge
  • Kick a bad habit
  • Write a handwritten letter to family, friends, co-workers everyday for a month
  • Experiment wearing different style outfits or make your own clothes
  • Write loads of cool/fun ideas for things to do – pull one out a different thing everyday
  • Wake up and meditate at 6 am every morning
  • Cycle to work
  • Write down a positive thought everyday
  • Take a photo a day – create a digital story to share
  •  Journaling, blogging, write a novel
  • Train for a triathlon, run or sporting event
  • Stop eating crappy food
  • Conscience acts of kindness
  • Organizational challenge – pick a room, closet, file cabinet etc to organize everyday
  • Don’t buy anything new for a month
  • Write your dreams down - then make them happen
  • Do yoga
  • Give up TV for a month
  • Write a song and perform it
  • Make a documentary
  • Take on a World Record Challenge
  • Cook and bake something new everyday.  Cook meals for the foodback.
  • Give up complaining for a month or talking negative about people
  • Raise awareness about a community issue i.e. CDS's - Getting Home initiative
  • Clean up a park, river, street etc…
  • Face a new fear a day – talk to a stranger, pick up a stinkbug … push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Random acts of gardening – ie plant flowers around town
  • Become a magician and put on a show at your school
  • Create a post it note art piece each day and then display your work at the end of the month
  • Educational challenge – take on learning something each day
  • Make something beautiful everyday
  • Go on an adventure, retreat
  •  Give away one thing a day
  •  News Year Resolution(s)
  •  Take out the rubbish – recycling/zero waste challenge
  •  Spend time in nature
  •  Learn to play a new instrument or play an old instrument better
  •  Make a patchwork quilt
  •  Learn to sing
  •  Ditch your car
  •  Reduce your carbon imprint
  •  Go on a trek on a unicycle
  •  Dance everyday
  •  Practice at least one selfless act each day

Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't?

Check out this idea: Try Something new 30 day Challenge



51.  Change my Life in 30 Day Challenge

It only takes 30 days to create a new habit.  Pick your 30 day challenge – commit to the challenge – change your life in a month.  


For tips on creating a successful challenge read on...


Set Real Goals, Take Real Action!


When thinking about your personal challenge consider the following planning questions:


1.  What would you love to accomplish or enhance in your life?


2. Does the goal match your values? Why is this important to you?  What would make it even more meaningful?  


3.  Imagine that you have already completed your Yodel challenge.   List the steps you took to get you there and the milestones you met.


4.  How might you commit to that?  


5.  How will you know that you are on track?  How would you know that you met your challenge?


6.  How will you celebrate?


When reflecting on your responses to the above planning questions make sure your answers are:


1.  Stated in the Positive:  Focus on the solution not the problem.  Think about what you want, not what you don't want.  i.e. "I want to be a long distance runner"  rather than  "I don't want to be dull and boring".


2.  Within span of control:  Within your control and maintained by self and not relying on changing others to reach your goal.  For example,  "My Yodel challenge is to get my husband to put the toilet seat down" -  is not within your power of control.


3.  Set Yourself up for Success.  Create S.M.A.R.T. goals that are:   Specific - state exactly what you want and why you want it;  Measurable - How will you demonstrate that you have met your goal; Achievable - choose a goal that is challenging and you have the ability to meet; Relevant - How does it tie into the rest of your life? Timed - promotes urgency but is also doable.  Set a timeline that is shorter.  Less than 3 month goals can help keep you motivated and focused.


4.  Ecological:  How does it fit the rest of your life? Who else is affected and how might they be impacted?  What will you have to give up to achieve your challenge?  What do you think might happen when you complete your challenge?



Have more ideas for great challenges or want to challenge a friend or the world– we would love to hear from you.  Email us at info@yodel.org